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Blonde Daichii MYOJO 2012.08 c: bee-p @jumpingtomyheart.blogspot

SUMMARY REPORT 2012 “Yaotome Hikaru in DREAM BOYS”


Yaotome Hikaru will be one of the newest DREAM BOYS of Johnny’s together with other JE member like Yuta Tamamori and Kamenashi Kazuya. They’ll be the new set of DREAM BOYS. It has been announced and it’s official. The first DREAM BOYS was starred by  Takizawa Hideaki, Yakushiji Yasuei, Tsubasa Makoto, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Yabu Kota, Inoo Kei, A.B.C., Kis-My-Ft Arioka Daiki, Takaki Yuya, Nakajima Yuto & Johnny’s Jr. It has been first released at August 11, 2004.

[SCAN] DUET 2012.07

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Dreamboys press conference. (yaotome hikaru, kamenashi kazuya, tamamori yuta, senga kento, miyata toshiya)

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Inoo: Waah, that’s a hard question…..

Hikaru and Yabu: *waiting…*
Chinen: Just to inform you guys, Inoo-kun~ likes me more than Hikaru and Yabu! 

Inoo, Yabu and Hikaru: ……………


Inoo: Waah, that’s a hard question…..

Hikaru and Yabu: *waiting…*

Chinen: Just to inform you guys, Inoo-kun~ likes me more than Hikaru and Yabu! 

Inoo, Yabu and Hikaru: ……………



Hey! Say! Jump 2012 Jump World Tour in Japan Goods
【ジャンプ・コンサートツアー】パンフレット ¥2000 クリアファイル(種類未定) ¥500 ジャンボうちわ(9種) 各¥500 オリジナルフォトセット(9種) 各¥600 トートバッグ 価格未定 Tシャツ ¥2500 ペンライトとマフラータオル¥1300 シュシュ ¥800

Pamphlet ¥2000, Clearfile (9Members + 1 Group) ¥500, Jumbo Uchiwa ¥500 (9 members), Original Photoset ¥600 (9Members), Tote Bag (No price yet), T-Shirt ¥2500, Penlight ¥1300 Shushy ¥800

soo EXPENSIVE T___T i want penlight…

[SCAN] POPOLO 2012.08

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Popolo August 2012 – JUMP Member’s Wedding [Part 3]
Popolo August 2012 – JUMP Member’s Wedding

3.Do you want lots of children, or few children?

Lots of children… 9 people (good Lord, umm guys… child bearing and raising is a very taxing process ;___;)

Yabu: The oldest one is a girl
The ideal is around three. Since it seems like she’ll take care of the younger ones, it’d be good if the oldest one was a girl. In our home too, my older sister did things like giving me a the bath.

Yaotome: You can learn about human relations
It was fun with four siblings (does his family have four children? I think I read somewhere that they have three, but I’m not sure. Anyone know anything?), so four children would be good. Although it’d be good if there was one girl, the same as my family. Because they’re strong (laughs). If you have lots of siblings, you can study human relations and how to read the atmosphere.

Takaki: Four siblings are good!
I want four children. The reason is because my family’s sibling composition is the same (laughs). We have two girls and two boys, this can achieve a nice balance, and the sibling relationship can really be felt.

Arioka: I want to raise a boy
Because I really love children, I want many of them. The ideal is three. I want both boys and girls, but I get the feeling that raising boys will be more fun.

Yamada: I aspire to drink with my son
Around three. It’s fine whether they’re boys or girls, but I want a son. I want to teach him the things I’ve done, do sports, and I aspire to drink with my son when he’s crossed the age of 22.

Inoo: Three brothers and sisters is the ideal!
I want three children. Male and female, I want both! Although I think raising three children will be fairly difficult (Inoo understands! *tears of joy*), it would be fun having lots of siblings. My own children will be super cute. No doubt!

Okamoto: I yearn for an older brother and younger sister
Because I’m an only child, I yearn to have an older brother and younger sister. It’s fine whether it’s a boy or a girl, but it seems like it’d be easier if it’s a boy, since we’re the same gender and I can understand his mood.

Nakajima: The ideal is an older brother who can protect his little sister
With the big brother and little sister composition, it seems like it’d be fun with the two of them. The ideal is that the big brother will protect his younger sister, and the younger sister will be loved by the family as an angel-like existence.

Chinen: Big sister and younger brother is the best
Two children, male and female. In my home, the little brother and big sister are close too, it goes well. I feel that having an older sister on top will ensure that the boy won’t be raised into becoming too disobedient

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Popolo August 2012 – JUMP Member’s Wedding [Part 2]

2.Would you like your wife to be a housewife, or would you like to mutually work?

Housewife… 4 people

Yaotome: Reciprocating with the home veggie patch
I would like you to do the things in the house for me, and I’d like you to be home when I return from work. It’s good if you do all the management of the money as well. Occasionally I will return the favour by doing things like tending to the home veggie patch and cooking.

Arioka: I won’t restrain your liberty
Since I’d like you to protect the home, a housewife is good, but if my wife wants to work, I won’t restrain her. However, I’d like you to do the housework properly. In times when you’re busy, I intend to help with the housework too.

Nakajima: I will entrust the housework to you! Lol Yuto, what a very nice way of saying “do the housework, woman!”, almost makes it sound like treat xD
When I get married, I’ll do the vacuuming, but the laundry is difficult. I think I’d like my wife to do the housework after all. For my part, I will work steadily outside, so I’ll rely on you for the household affairs!

Yamada: I want you to have fun
If you want to work, it’s fine if you work, but I’d like you to enjoy yourself after all. I’ll help with the housework too. I like the vacuum cleaner. I’m not a Yamajima fan by any means, but I just couldn’t help noticing that the Yamajima household is going to have fights over who gets to do the vacuuming and the laundry *shot* You don’t have to strain yourself with everything, so I’d just like you to say “Welcome home” when I return.

Mutually working… 5 people

Yabu: I’ll do the housework that requires using the body
I don’t think I can be home often, so I’d like you to work. I’ll help you out with the housework that requires moving your body like folding the laundry (does it take you a lot of moving around to fold the laundry, Yabu? =”=) and cleaning the bathtub (laughs).

Inoo: Do the work you love!
Because it seems like you’d be confined by yourself in the house if you’re a housewife, I’d like you to do the work you love. And this way, it seems like our time together will become more enjoyable.

Takaki: I’ll leave it up to my partner
If you want to work, it’s good if you do so. I’ll leave this up to my partner’s wishes. It’s good if you know how to cook, but when you’re busy, it’s ok if you don’t force yourself to do it.

Okamoto: Become refreshed!
It seems like you’ll get bored if you’re always at home, and I get the feeling that if she works, my wife can become refreshed. When your work is busy, I’ll do things like the washing!

Chinen: Household and work co-existence faction
In today’s times couples work mutually, right? A person who can do both household chores and work steadily is good, right. A lifestyle where the wife receives outside stimulus is better than just staying at home.

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